I obtained my B. A. in English education with a minor in history at Montana State University (MSU) in Bozeman. After teaching high school English and History for four years, I returned to MSU for my M. A. in history and the University of Maryland for my doctorate in history. I have taught courses at Montana State University, University of Maryland, Northern Arizona University and Arizona State University. My work in history education engages me in the scholarship of teaching and learning history. In this, I am intrigued by questions of how elementary, secondary, and collegiate students learn history, and I study the practical application of historical inquiry K-20.

Teaching at Northern Arizona University

  • History 206:  Historical Inquiry and Teaching and Learning Seminar
  • History 306:  Practicum in the Schools
  • History 330:  Teaching and Learning History and Geography
  • History 300W: Historical Inquiry
  • History 498C: Pro-Seminar Capstone Course on Grand Canyon (Fall 2010), Colorado Plateau (Fall 2011), and Civil Rights in the Southwest (Fall 2012)
  • History 590: Readings in American History via Grand Canyon (Spring 2011)
  • History 590: Readings in American History
  • History 592: Readings in Southwest History
  • History 599: Contemporary Developments: Civil War to Civil Rights (Fall 2003)
  • History 599: Post World War II to 9/11 with Particular focus on the West (Spring 2013)
  • History 505: Readings in Native American History
  • History 550: Readings in Comparative History
  • History 668: Research in Environmental History (team taught with George Lubick)